Industry: Healthcare and Medical News

Founded: 2010

RxWiki, Inc. is a pharmacy media company that publishes medication content, deploys adherence applications and powers a national network of Digital Pharmacists(TM).

RxWiki enables pharmacies and pharmacists to engage new and existing patients with actionable news and medication information through a number of media distribution outlets and digital devices.

RxWiki extends the trusted pharmacy experience into the digital landscape, offering patients access to world-class medication information, health news, financial assistance programs and access to pharmacy transactions from a provider they trust.

RxWiki’s AskRx platform enables patients to reach out for answers to their health and medication questions from main-street pharmacists. RxWiki's mobile app features health news, medication information and the ability to order Rx refill functionality.

RxWiki's Social Media-as-a-Service customizes Pharmacy Facebook pages, Twitter channels, and Google Plus profiles, enabling patients to refill their prescription. RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist™ Network is built upon the most trusted healthcare professional in America, the pharmacist. In pharmacies across America, Digital Pharmacists are increasing medication adherence, improving outcomes, and delivering patient education through mobile, social and web tools.

As a digital media enterprise, RxWiki is focused on how the application of innovative technologies and the publishing of trusted content will impact changes among our healthcare system’s major players—namely consumers, patients and pharmacists.